Edutainment is an effective engagement strategy that covers a lot of ground, from consumer education to internal alignment and marketing. It engages, differentiates and improves learning retention. Positioning your brand as a trusted source of credible information—with a personality—can be transformational. Especially in high-compliance, complex, or highly technical industries. People simply relate to it better.

Today’s digital media landscape is perfect for delivering effective Edutainment programs. Modules can include:

  • Live action video
  • Animation
  • Animated infographics
  • Gamification
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive learning
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
  • Static pdfs

A content strategy including Edutainment differentiates, engages, aligns, and promotes learning retention. And that shortens the distance from awareness to action.

Category: Life insurance education
Audience: Consumers, employees, distributors
Ryan and Michelle figure out what Life is all about.

Quality Entertainment

Our Edutainment productions aren’t just corporate videos, explainers, or whiteboard specials. We’re transforming the way brands help employees, consumers, and distributors learn about and engage in the brand experience. Our productions can be used across multiple audiences, both internally and externally, to help stretch budgets with high quality, engaging content. Use edutainment effectively in social media, training, advertising, and anywhere credibility and engagement count.

  • Second City-trained and prime time dramatic talent
  • Documentary specialists
  • Directors and screenwriters with diverse backgrounds in cinema, stage, and TV
  • Cinematic quality productions
  • Sit-com, dramedy, or documentary formats for live action
  • Animation for complex or sensitive topics

Category: Financial distributor compliance education
Breathing life into DOL education.

Edutainment 360

Education and entertainment are the great equalizers. Business leaders agree Edutainment can save time and maximize budgets while strengthening brand values across the board. The same Edutainment assets can engage everyone surrounding your brand at once with the equal relevance—including customers, distributors, and employees.  The result is instant alignment. We call this Edutainment 360. Imagine the possibilities for your brand.

Category: Life insurance Edutainment
Audiences: Employees, distributors, and consumers education
John and Julie hit a snag in their plans to downsize.