It’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the jar.

If you’d feel better having some fresh, seasoned perspective on your Customer Journey Map(s), this offer is for you. Our Free Customer Journey Map Review will help you refine, complete, or recalibrate your Customer Journey Map. Even if you haven’t yet begun the process, we can help you get started.

Don’t worry. There’s no catch. Just a chance for you to get some qualified third-party perspective while we get to know you.

Our entire focus is devoted to content for the Customer Journey. So we can show you how to activate your Customer Journey Map, launching it off the white board into everyday marketing action. No strings attached.

Here are the offer details:
  • 1-hour online meeting with your team
  • The first 20 minutes you’ll walk us through your map as it stands, whether it’s finished or in-progress (aka “stuck”;)
  • Then we’ll provide our feedback and insight, pulling from our work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 to mid-market
  • Finally, we’ll provide suggestions on how to implement your Customer Journey Map, and recap in a follow-up email

There’s no charge, so there’s nothing to lose. Contact us today to schedule your free Customer Journey Map review.

If you’d like additional help from us, we’ll structure a paid engagement for:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • TouchPath® Content Roadmapping for the Customer Journey
  • Content creative and/or production in any medium

Click the button below to find out more or to schedule your Free Customer Journey Mapping Review.


Greg French
Author, Public Speaker, Founder of GroPartners Consulting

As founder of GroPartners Consulting, and Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Concordia University School of Business, Mr. French has more than 30 years of practice in strategy and execution for marketing, brand, and customer experience. He has led strategic and execution initiatives for Fortune 100 and mid-market companies, targeting both consumer and business-to-business markets in a diverse range of industries including financial services, franchising, education, healthcare, tech/biotech, and industrial manufacturing. He is the author of “Getting There from Here: Bridging Strategy and Execution,” as well as white papers on the Customer Journey, strategic alignment, peer-to-peer collaboration, and revenue models for wireless communications. His client experience includes Allstate Financial, Philips Lighting, GE Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Discover Financial Services, Valent BioSciences Corporation, Hollister, First Midwest Bank, and middle-market technology/biotech and industrial organizations.

Prior to founding GroPartners Consulting, Greg held posts in strategic planning and executive leadership at StudioNorth, and Chief Executive at Octave Brand Communications and Creative Strategies. As creator of the Strategic Summit, RAPPORT Process, TouchPath® and Message Mapper software, he continues to bring accountability to brand.