2019 Enrollment Industry Trends


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Changes in the industry market structure, technology, and employer preferences continue to increase the power base of brokers. This puts pure enrollment firms in an increasingly vulnerable competitive position. Still, there are plenty of new positioning opportunities for all types of intermediary firms.

Our second annual survey presents insights and analysis based on responses from a balanced sample of intermediary firms. The report addresses topics ranging from business trends and technology’s influence on product choice, to carrier relationships and what’s trending in marketing and employee communications.

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  • Length: 27 pages
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  1. Introduction
  2. Executive summary
  3. What you can do with this information
  4. Respondent profiles
  5. Findings
    • Revenue projections
    • Technology influences product decisions
    • One-on-One is losing favor among employers
    • Opportunities for online video education
    • Product portfolios are focusing
    • What’s working in marketing?
    • Marketing investment priorities for 2019
    • Onsite enrollment remains most used
    • High touch/hi tech combo remains strong
    • High touch blends more hi tech
    • Direct selling to employers leads;
      carrier referrals trail
    • What kind of support do employers want most?
    • Technology investment trends
  6. The voice of the industry