The RAPPORT Process®
Builds Relationships for
Better Business Results

Building rapport is the first step in building profitable relationships. And it starts right at home, in your organization. When you standardize a process that everyone can understand, your marketing investments achieve more, your organization is more agile, and your budgets go farther.  The RAPPORT Process helps organizations get on the same page with each other, their distributors, and customers. It offers a practical way to unite expectations, bridging gaps among paygrades, silos, and functions to create a “singular neural network.” With a united culture based on a universal language of process, your organization can step up to the next level.

It’s still marketing. Just part of a holistic approach for better overall results.

The RAPPORT Process® unites expectations

The RAPPORT Process® helps drive revenues by increasing organizational focus and confidence around marketing and operational investments. This simple acronym provides a framework for unifying relationships internally and externally around any goal. It begins with qualitative and quantitative research to compose a 360° picture of your situation. It follows through with strategic analysis, positioning, planning, operational execution, results, and translation for continuous improvement. Ask us how to operationalize the RAPPORT Process® and measure the impact on your organization.