The RAPPORT Process®

Get everyone on the same page with the
language of process™

The RAPPORT Process® unites expectations

This simple acronym provides an aptly simple framework to diagnose and solve process problems across the organization. From the shipping desk to the board room, every employee can use the RAPPORT Process to collaborate with any other level through the language of process. Extract more profit, align your troops, create a culture of accountability and action.

Each step of the process can be customized to directly relate to specific functions, roles, or objectives.

Building rapport is the first step in building profitable relationships. When you speak with the language of process that everyone can understand, your marketing and operations investments achieve more, your organization is more agile, and your budgets go farther.

The RAPPORT Process helps employees get on the same page with each other, their distributors, and customers. It offers a practical way to unite expectations, bridging gaps among pay-grades, silos, and functions. With a united culture based on a universal language of process, your organization can more easily diagnose problems, devise solutions, and achieve goals.

Use the RAPPORT Process for

  • Projects
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Cultural unity
  • Innovation

Optimize everything with RAPPORT.