Workshop 401: Mapping the Customer Journey—The Essential Skill for Customer-Driven Businesses

Understanding the customer experience dynamic is essential for business success in today’s era of marketing. From entrepreneurial startups to entrenched brands, mapping your customer experiences along the their journey from awareness to transaction and loyalty has become a strategic imperative. And just as important is knowing how to apply your Customer Journey Map to everyday marketing.

Customer Journey Mapping helps companies:

  • Reignite stalled sales
  • Reclaim missed opportunities
  • Thrive on market shifts and regulatory changes
  • Reposition after merger or acquisition

This workshop provides a process for how to engage customers at each stage and across the entire Customer Journey for better business results. Attendees will walk out of the workshop with the skills to craft or improve their existing Customer Journey map and a roadmapping process to implement it in everyday marketing and operations.

OBJECTIVE: The facilitator will work with your team at the appropriate level to either:

  • Draft the outline of your Customer Journey Map from scratch, or
  • Review and update/revise your existing Customer Journey Map, or
  • Review and guide completion of your existing Customer Journey Map.

The last section of the workshop will focus on how to operationalize a Customer Journey Map to connect it to everyday marketing.

During the workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The importance, role, and buying stages of the Customer Journey
  • How to identify brand touchpoint weaknesses in the Customer Journey
  • How to use research to drive Customer Journey Map development
  • How your Customer Journey Map strengthens your brand “ecosystem”
  • Best practices for developing a basic Customer Journey Map
  • How to translate your Journey Map into marketing execution
  • How to diagram a Customer Journey Map and build a unified Customer Journey around it (employees, distributors, customers)
  • The importance and methods for validating the customer journey map
  • How to operationalize the Customer Journey

— Engage other parts of the organization to improve touchpoint experiences
— A content roadmapping process that maximizes Customer Journey Mapping investments
— Tie customer touchpoints to targeted messaging
— Create storylines that span the entire Customer Journey

  • How to measure Customer Journey map performance

The workshop is a 4 or 6-hour, single-session event held on-site at your location for up to 25 attendees per session.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Senior Leadership
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • CMOs
  • Sales leaders
  • Operations leaders
  • Anyone in the organization who influences the Customer Experience

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Greg French
Author, Consultant, Public Speaker

As founder of GroPartners Consulting, and Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Concordia University School of Business, Mr. French has more than 30 years of practice in strategy and execution for marketing, brand, and customer experience. He has led strategic and execution initiatives for Fortune 100 and mid-market companies, targeting both consumer and business-to-business markets in a diverse range of industries including financial services, franchising, education, healthcare, tech/biotech, and industrial manufacturing. He is the author of “Getting There from Here: Bridging strategy and execution,” as well as white papers on the Customer Journey, strategic alignment, peer-to-peer collaboration, and revenue models for wireless communications. His client experience includes Allstate Financial, Philips Lighting, GE Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Discover Financial Services, Valent BioSciences Corporation, Hollister, First Midwest Bank, and middle-market technology and industrial organizations.

Prior to founding GroPartners Consulting, Greg held posts in strategic planning and executive leadership at StudioNorth, and Chief Executive at Octave Brand Communications and Creative Strategies. As creator of the Strategic Summit, RAPPORT Process, and Message Mapper software, he continues to bring accountability to brand.