Research-based content with a soul.

It’s your story. One story, just bigger.

The secret to our clients’ success is a research-based approach that connects marketing content with customer touchpoint experiences and life events (yes, even in B2B). We create meaningful, engaging stories about how your brand promise and solutions can change people’s lives. Sometimes it’s education. Sometimes differentiation. Sometimes humor. In the end it comes down to creating credible, emotive stories interwoven with the customer journey. With our TouchPath®360 approach, the storyline broadens to engage everyone in the ecosystem and throughout your organization. It’s one brand…one story that holds individual meaning to everyone it touches.

We get it.

It’s hard to find true professionals who can produce marketing content that’s industry compliant while still delivering big heart, compelling reasons, and engaging customer context. When you’re committing to a new product launch, training program, or distributor campaign, wouldn’t it be great to know you’re covered by a partner who consistently delivers home-run creative content with minimal guidance?

Crazy talk.
Understanding the complexities of your products, services, and distribution channels is hard enough for “outsiders” to grasp. Beyond the basics, translating all this into engaging English for real people to consume…well, that’s just too crazy to ask for. Unless you work with us.

Our deliverables.

GroPartners Consulting delivers decades of experience producing compelling, engaging, educational, and creative content and digital solutions for industries such as financial, insurance, benefits, technology, and biotech. Our deliverables include research, content strategy, video, collateral development, animation, motion graphics, digital content, application and web development, and technology consulting. Or simply copywriting a la carte.  We even build back-end services to streamline marketing operations. Customize our services to your specific requirements.