GroPartners TouchPath®360 program helps you build a customer-driven content continuum that aligns employers and distributors with the customer view. It ultimately creates a better customer experience for all your “customers,” including:

  • Buyers/customers
  • Internal departments and business units
  • Distributors
  • Media channels

It helps you structure a 360° story that presents the customer view to employees, customers, and channel partners in a way that’s meaningful and motivating to each of them. It can even show their ideal role in the customer experience—no matter how insulated they are from the customer. The result is a better customer experience driven by the voice of the customer.

A TouchPath360 program can open employees’ eyes to customer-centric thinking and reach across internal silos to create a common focus on customer-critical value. This approach can also can provide visibility for customers into the culture behind the brand, educate them on product benefits, and what to expect when engaging with the brand.

TouchPath360 content can be easily targeted for multiple uses, including:

  • Marketing and social media
  • Customer education
  • Website posting
  • Internal training
  • Internal presentations
  • Distributor alignment
  • Sales meetings

GroPartners can help you structure and create a TouchPath360 content program with analytics that prove value. A TouchPath360 program can even make other programs in your organization work better.

TouchPath®360 is a strategic implementation program offered by GroPartners Consulting LLC designed to improve business results.

TouchPath® is a registered trademark for exclusive use by GroPartners Consulting