(JUNE 6, 2019) GroPartners Consulting today announced the release of the second annual Enrollment Industry Trends Survey. The survey collected responses from a balanced sample of 68 benefits intermediary firms that provide enrollment services. The report addresses topics ranging from industry structure trends and unique value propositions to technology’s influence on product choice, carrier relationships, and what’s working in marketing and employee communications.

GroPartners Founder Greg French explains the value of the study: “No other study covers these specific aspects of the enrollment segment in the benefits industry. The intensity of change in the enrollment industry continues to escalate as employer preferences continue to increase the power base of brokers. This leaves some dedicated enrollment firms faced with a choice to grow, merge, sell out, or simply close their doors. Our survey report helps these firms make critical decisions in a time of historic industry change.”

The report findings and analysis address changes in the market structure, technology, and employer preferences that put pure enrollment firms in an increasingly vulnerable competitive position. French summed up, “The more competitive firms know about how their peers are handling these changes, the better decisions they’ll make.”

The 27-page report, Enrollment Industry Trends 2019, is available for download at GroPartnersconsulting.com for $99. It provides findings, insights, and analysis of trends in the employee benefits enrollment segment.

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GroPartners Consulting helps insurance, financial, and benefits organizations structure and communicate their unique value. We use a data-driven approach to unite expectations among customers, brands, employers, and distributors for better business results. For more information, contact Greg French (gregf@gropartnersconsulting.com).