Skokie, Illinois, June 20, 2017

GroPartners Consulting, LLC today announced its focus on strategic content programs that help marketers unite expectations along the end-to-end customer journey. This new approach integrates the customer journey through a program of multi-faceted, rich media content that simultaneously addresses the entire brand “ecosystem,” including customers, employees, and channel partners. The repositioning also addresses the blurring lines between marketing, education, and entertainment. The new GroPartners Consulting website, launched this week, presents the value proposition a

Greg French, founder of GroPartners Consulting, explains, “Many marketing organizations have developed excellent customer journey maps but struggle to execute across the entire range of touchpoints and stakeholders. They typically address only individual customer touchpoints without integrating employee and distribution partners into their customer journeys. This kind of siloed approach works against the customer journey investments they’re making. Our aim is to make all that investment and insight pay off for them.”

GroPartners applies their strategy and content experience to solutions that connect the dots along the customer journey among customers, employees, and distribution partners. According to French, there’s hard evidence that journey-driven content programs deliver better financial results than touchpoint-driven programs. He explains that they address multiple segments of the customer journey in a way that better reflects the way things happen in the real world. GroPartners has developed a new genre of rich media programs that address a number of internal and external audiences at the same time, with equal relevance. French says this type of content can provide models for customer interactions and behaviors while it educates on details and shows how the brand is supposed to look in play.

“With the right kind of talent, video, animation, interactive, and even virtual reality technologies, “French says, “we can construct an ultra-dimensional and emotive view of the brand personality in action. It’s a really different, affable and engaging way to execute on the customer journey. It keeps everyone focused on creating customer value no matter where they are in the organization.”

One of the most successful content strategies deployed by GroPartners includes Edutainment. “Education is the new marketing,” says French, “With the new digital environment so saturated in rich media, entertainment has become essential to engage people. We’re all growing immune to promotional bursts from brands. People want a trusted source of information…with a personality. They want to know what’s behind a brand and if it’s really customer-centric, or if that’s just veneer. Through Edutainment and other strategies, our programs provide visibility on a level that builds trust and accelerates commerce.”


GroPartners Consulting creates strategic content programs and platforms that unite expectations throughout the end-­to-­end customer journey. Serving clients from middle market to Fortune 100 in high-­compliance industries, GroPartners bridges the gaps between strategy and execution. For more information on DOL Edutainment programs, contact  Greg French at GroPartners Consulting or visit 847-­845-­6970.