Our physical universe is the strongest brand in…well…the universe.

To some, brand can seem as illusional as smoke and mirrors. On the other hand, it can also appear extremely complicated. But it’s really very natural…literally. Natural forces that surround us are the best examples of how the forces of brand work. These natural forces provide analogies that simplify the concept of brand, making it’s depth and importance more relatable.

I found a video on YouTube featuring a high school science teacher, Dan Burns, who succinctly and plainly explains the concept of gravity with a demonstration using a sheet of spandex and a few metal marbles. As I watched it, I began to see some really close parallels with the concept of brand.

Great brands have strong gravity. They draw customers in even as they are acted upon by other forces…competition, the distractions of daily life, and more. The relationships brands have with people and how they influence the customer journey are uncannily modelled by the behavior of objects in gravitational fields. I keyed the video below with titles that spell out the analogies.

This video so simply demonstrates the physics/brand relationship, I recently included it in a talk to an audience of creatives at an insurance company to illustrate the power of brand. The stronger your brand, the greater the gravity. How the brand creates greater gravity is the topic of my other blogs and our GroPartners Consulting practice (Uniting Expectations).

Take a look and see how natural brand can really be. How strong is the gravity around your brand?


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