Brand Experience (BX) is where Customer Journey meets Sales Process

You may have seen it in your own organization: Your Customer Journey Map and Sales Process collide if they’re not strategically integrated. Or—especially in B2B—the Customer Journey Map is downplayed, erased from the whiteboard, and confined to the marketing team because Sales Process dominates.

This is an unfortunate waste of investment, because when united these two powerful tools can transform selling into buying, align resources, reduce costs, and accelerate revenue by forming a bridge between strategy and execution. So it’s well worth the focus to align your customer touchpoints (Customer Journey Map) with your tactical strategy (Sales Process) to improve overall business results.

One caveat: Without a simplified, well-defined process, connecting your Customer Journey and Sales Process can be a challenge. So be sure to use a process created specifically for this task. It’ll provide the clarity and objectivity to get everyone working together. As a bonus, the process can also deliver a strategic content roadmap for immediate execution. If you need help integrating your Sales Process and Customer Journey Map, or you’d just like an objective review for fresh insight, contact us. We’d love to help. Meanwhile, download our white paper, Connecting the Dots Along Your Customer’s Journey.