Sharing content aligns brand experience expectations.

Sharing makes content strategies more successful. The more it’s shared, the more efficient your content campaign becomes. Since each persona has an affinity for sharing via specific channels, consider how your target personas are most likely to share your content.  Which sharing channel will best align with the upstream Roadmap parameters you’ve selected? Some scenarios offer “no brainers,” like digital sharing in social media. But what about events or outdoor signage? Phone pictures and Instagram might be an answer. So don’t forget to suggest how to share with social media icons or suggestions to shoot a pic and share.

STEP 9: How will Customers Share Content?

  • Phone pictures
  • Texting
  • email
  • Social posts
  • YouTube
  • Word of mouth/Physical networking

After you’ve finished the 9 steps of the Content Strategy Roadmap, you can align each step into a Content Strategy Summary Statement:

In the <CJ Stage> stage of the Customer Journey, our <Touchpoint Channel> content goal is to <Goal> among <Persona>s by using <Positioning>-focused content. <Media> will be used with an appeal to <Appeal>, providing ease of sharing through <Share Channel>.

This concludes our 12-BLIP Series: Content Strategies for the Customer Journey. We hope it will help you efficiently execute tactics to improve your brand experience along your Customer Journey.

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