Operationalizing your Customer Journey Map means executing specific tactics to improve touchpoint experiences.  It also involves stepping back to develop a thematic storyline across the entire Customer Journey. This is where a Content Strategy Roadmap can help.

Here’s how to begin your Content Strategy Roadmap:

  • Form content ideas that address pain points across your Customer Journey map
  • First fix operational and UX  issues, then focus on marketing
  • Be aware attitudes can intensify over multiple touchpoints
  • Empathize with your customer at each touchpoint; imagine what you’d want to know/hear
  • Use/adapt each content idea across multiple channels and touchpoints to tell a holistic story
  • Produce content that can be easily modified to remain relevant across internal, external, distribution channel audiences

Next, address the 9 steps to operationalization in sequence.

Connect these nine points to form a content brief summary. Here’s an example:

In the <1. Compare> stage of the Customer Journey, our <2. Landing Page> content goal is to <3. Increase conversions> among <4. Trail Blazersby using <5. Innovative>-focused content. A <6. Video> <7. Series> will be used with an appeal to <8. Trend Bashing>, providing ease of sharing through <9. Social Media>.

For a complete list of all the possibilities, see the the remaining BLIPS.

NEXT—BLIP #4: What’s Your Customer Thinking? 

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