Wouldn’t you love to feel like you’ve got it all under control?

Today’s marketing landscape has become so complex it takes a Content Strategy Roadmap to align execution with your Customer Journey map. But what does that Roadmap look like? With a blizzard of input and outreach considerations…Social media, Customer Journey, personas, sharing, analytics….how is a marketing leader supposed to pull it all together into an efficient and effective content strategy that unites expectations along the Customer Journey?

This series of ‘BLIPs” (Brief Lean Information Post) offers a simple Roadmapping process to make sense of the mosaic of channels and information. Each post is 195 words or less that walk you through the strategic content Roadmap process to connect your Customer Journey maps to marketing execution.

If you’ve hit a wall completing your Customer Journey map, contact us for help. But even after you’ve finished it, what’s next? How do you connect the dots along the end-to-end Customer Journey to unite expectations across every touchpoint? Our BLIP Series can help you simplify your quest to unite expectations along your customer journeys.

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