How to Begin Your Content Strategy Roadmap

Let’s assume your Customer Journey Maps are complete (if not, contact us for help). What now? What’s the process for bridging your maps with content execution…for making your content truly Customer Journey driven?

First, create context for your content program by reviewing the following essential information. This will help focus the purpose of each content asset while keeping them all on-brand and aligned with your Customer Journey map.

  1. Review your Customer Journey map for specific touchpoint weaknesses (TPWs), where customers and prospects are less than satisfied with their brand experience
  2. Address the root issues of the TPWs first (Operational? Price? Selection? CX? Transaction? Other?), then address marketing touchpoints and content
  3. Identify target segment influencers around touchpoints
  4. State KPI goals for segments
  5. Address TPWs in terms of your brand value proposition (consider hot trends)
  6. Follow the 9-step process to operationalize your Customer Journey with a Content Strategy Roadmap.


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