Irresistible images and curious lead lines that pull attention.

In this 7th step of the Content Strategy Roadmap, you’ll begin the transition into the creative realm. The upstream Roadmapping process allows you to confidently focus on appeal, media, and sharing strategies.

STEP 7: Select a Motivating Content Appeal

Emotional appeal is a powerful force in any content execution. Headlines, lead lines, and images make the most of the legendary three seconds you have to catch attention  There are 8 basic appeals and corresponding emotional responses that make for effective content marketing. Select an appeal to sharpen your targeting and inspire action.

  • Inspire/Motivate
  • Cause/Unite
  • Advice/Recognition
  • Warning/Reaction
  • Trend Bashing
  • Give/Offers
  • Knowledge/Confidence
  • Fun/Relax

Some of these appeals can be used with specific positioning types more readily than others. For example Cause/Unite can be used better with Sensational positioning than with Factual. So take time to match them up well.

BLIP #12 ties together all the steps in this process in a schema that provides your Content Strategy Summary Statement.  It packages up in a succinct statement everything your creatives need to act. It’ll give them an enormous head start on well-targeted concepts.

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