Can you change her mood with a good story?

In your mission to improve touchpoint weaknesses, realize your customer may not be in the best of moods. So choosing the content medium that’s just right for the occasion is critical. Short video v long text content. Infographic v article. Meme to lighten the mood? Threading an engaging storyline throughout the Customer Journey can assuage angst and improve brand experience.

STEP 6: Select Content Media

When selecting your media,consider your budget, the CJ stage, channel, goal, persona,position, content, appeal, and sharing possibilities.

  • Video is a good choice for many strategies today, if budget will support it. 
  • AUDIO (podcast) Audio is far less expensive to produce, but not as widely consumed as video.
  • TEXT is the least expensive and most versatile option, but is upstaged by multi-media content. Shorter content is consumed more than longer.
  • GRAPHICS and INFOGRAPHICS done well can produce great engagement rates, especially when positioning as News, Interest, and Factual content.
  • MEMES Entertainment positioning rules among younger targets.
  • EVENTS—live or online—can make good use of all media in a physically immersive environment.

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