Hello? I’d like to report a bad touchpoint experience…H-Hello?

It’s important to review the channel(s) that are delivering sub-optimal customer experiences (CX). Your Customer Journey map should have identified the touchpoint where the experience was weak, so you know which channel(s) to focus on. Remember, a Touchpoint is a contact point in the customer journey that falls within a Customer Journey Buying Stage (CJ Stage—see BLIP #4). A Channel is the medium through which the contact was made, such as TV, website, call center, social media, or physical environment (see a more complete list below). A Touchpoint experience involves channel, content, and customer emotions and reactions.

STEP 2: Identifying Touchpoint Channel Weaknesses

Be sure the touchpoint channel was the right one to use during that CJ Stage in the first place. Sometimes original multi-channel strategies need to be revised or better supported to improve the experience of Touchpoint Weaknesses (TPWs). 

Touchpoint Channels

Sales callWebsiteEventCall center
RadioLanding pageRetail/environmentAccounting (AR)
TVOnline meetingOutdoor/signageService
Print display adDigital displayBusiness communications
Direct mailBlogpost/podcastEarned media
Social media
Online transaction

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