Target your best customers and prospects with all their quirks.

After you’ve pinpointed Customer Journey touchpoint weaknesses in their related Buying Stages, and then identified the appropriate Channel, and established your content Goal, it’s time to identify the one or two personas you want to influence most. Brands often devote a lot of focus to developing personas that represent their best customers. Personas are extremely useful in building Content Strategy Roadmaps for your Customer Journey because they provide a more complete profile than demographics alone for positioning and targeting content. So if you haven’t already done so, your organization should profile a couple of personas that represent your most valuable customers or consumers and contrast them to those of your competitors.

Target Persona

If your persona profiles are each substantially different from each other, you’ll need to split this process into two forks. For example, you’ll use different creative styles when addressing  “TommyTechnology” versus “Connie Conventional.” In digital media be sure to use the appropriate linking strategies suggested by the persona’s media habits (for example Tyler tweets, Connie mostly emails).

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