Target each persona’s preferred content diet.

In this fifth step of the Content Strategy Roadmap, you’ll focus on positioning your content in a genre/format that resonates with your target persona. Make the most of each content asset by positioning it differently for each target persona.

STEP 5: Position Your Content

Keep in mind you can blend a few of content positioning styles to target your persona. For example Tommy Technology might be engaged by entertaining and educational news on innovations (combining news, entertainment & education).  In social media applications, you can use similar content for different personas by switching out the text and/or image in the post, while using the same destination content assets (landing page, videos, blogs, etc.) for click throughs.

The list below will help you match your personas with content positioning they’d most likely find engaging.

Content positioning styles include:

  • News
  • Interest
  • Factual
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Innovative
  • Cool
  • Sensational

As with any other content, it’s best to use a benefit spin.

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