OMG. I think you’re having an episode.

After you’ve determined your content positioning style (see BLIP #8), what type of content approach (Episodes? Single tidbits? Epic & sensational?) will best serve your goals while addressing your Customer Journey touchpoint weaknesses? Remember, any of these approaches can facilitate a broader storyline spanning multiple touchpoints. At this point, you’re not deciding which medium (video, text, image, etc.) to use. Instead, limit the decision to selecting the best approach to tell the story that improves the brand experience and aligns with all the preceding steps in the roadmap.

STEP 6: Define Your Content Approach

Content ApproachTypes

  • Single is specific, short form content that shows up high in search engines: How-to, helpful hints, Q&A, etc. It gets people to your website.
  • Series content gets eyeballs coming back time-after-time: a series of articles, webisodes, or any other “evergreen” content concept.
  • Epic content focuses on high-impact values to create buzz. Think Nike World Cup videos

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