Customer-Driven Cross Selling

Producers thought they had the best cross-selling strategy—
Until we asked their customers.


A leading insurance company wanted to evaluate the customer experience around its cross-sell from property & casualty (P&C) lines to financial lines.


As the primary distribution channel, insurance agency owners and financial products producers were interviewed about their successful best practices. The information from these interviews provided channel-driven baseline to design a large-scale quantitative research study focusing on the consumer perspective. The survey design challenged the typical survey format. Because customer experience can be affected by all senses, GroPartners’ survey design included audio and video portrayals of potential customer experience touchpoints along with typical multiple choice, rating, and open-ended questions.


The multimedia execution of the survey and inclusion of open-ended questions provided rare and rich customer experience insights that would not have been possible with a less encompassing survey design. More than 5,000 responses revealed that the ideal customer experience was shifting with younger age demographics, and the digital landscape. More than 3,800 open-ended responses were reviewed and categorized and analyzed, revealing misalignment of producers’ and customers’ perspectives on effective customer experience. The insurance company leveraged this study among several initiatives to improve the cross-sell customer experience in distribution, digital, and customer service channels. The resulting changes in preferred customer experience on cross-selling prompted a re-education of the distribution channel to align with the voice of the customer. A series of videos were produced within aTouchPath®360 program, using well-planned production to capture perspectives of customers and producers around common touchpoint scenarios. Using humor and education (edutainment) as an engagement strategy, these videos were edited to share the ideal customer experience with distributors and customers, getting everyone on the same page.

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Posted on

June 27, 2019