TouchPath®360 Content Strategy

38% marketing cost savings and 360° stakeholder alignment


The insurance and benefits industry is governed by increasingly strict legal and compliance regulations around marketing content. GroPartners’ industry experience and process allowed us to help our clients more easily develop effective, engaging, and relevant content for all media channels, while remaining within compliance limits.


Our client is a voluntary benefits carrier who needed to educate three different stakeholder segments on four products. They also wanted to promote the value of the general voluntary benefits category.

The marketplace structure is complex. With brokers, enrollment firms, trainers, and employers between the policy manufacturer and employee/consumer, each has different levels of understanding and perspective about the products and the category.

Employee enrollment is the key to success in the voluntary benefits industry, so it was essential to provide employee-centric training to enrollment specialists who have direct employee contact. Employers and employees also needed education, but with different emphases than trainers. Finally, the carrier’s website required product education for general consumption and the social media strategy needed content assets to promote.

All educational content would ideally remain consistent in delivering the brand voice, customer-first values, and speak in a language that all can easily understand. At the same time, it would speak to each segment’s special pain points and interests.


Traditionally, each video series would have been commissioned separately by training, education, and marketing departments, often using three different internal or vendor resources. Instead, GroPartners deployed a TouchPath®360 program that spanned the requirements of all three departments to consolidate costs, sharpen focus, and align across segments.

With research-based insight, GroPartners created video content featuring a shared storyline across all segments. Our TouchPath®360 process aligned educational content and objectives with each stakeholder group while maximizing efficiencies and remaining consistent with the brand story. Education about benefits can be painfully dry without entertainment value. And it can be confusing without relevant examples.

Our TouchPath360 solution included creative execution that relates to all levels of stakeholders within a single theme. Live action actors interacting with animation deliver an engaging “show v tell” experience, promoting urgency while reducing the emotional risk often associated with insurance.


This planned TouchPath360° production strategy addressed a wide range of communication and education needs in a single project, including enrollment training and education for distributors, employees, and consumers. Our client was able to save 38% in costs and deliver significantly higher quality production values compared to separate productions for channel training, consumer, web, and employer education. Internally, these videos are being shared across the organization to create a common view of products, consumer context, and brand personality. Now everyone is focused on the same customer-driven value system.

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Posted on

June 27, 2019